by Artisan

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Artisan's Debut EP

Track List:
1. Casted Stones
2. Tilting The Hourglass
3. Monologue
4. Outrun The Storm
5. Reflect


released August 24, 2013

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Geller Cellar Studios in Mahopac, NY.



all rights reserved


Artisan Albany, New York

Artisan is a melodic hardcore band from upstate New York. Formed in early 2013, we set out to make music that was heartfelt and had meaning. Our main focus was to give the listeners something that they can relate to; to give them the words that they needed to hear, and to reinforce the voice that they have. Check out the links below!

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Track Name: Monologue
I watched you turn your back on
Everything you held dear
To your heart, to your mind
Just walk away, just disappear.

Since my words to you are next to none.
I will paint a picture that is worth a thousand
And since my actions will speak louder than those words.
I will take back what was mine before you try to turn and run.

Cut our ties
You were always holding me back
But this time
Along with the dust, I'm leaving you in the past.

I am done with compassion.
I am done with regret.
You're the last thing that I need,
But the first I must forget.

This is all hopeless
I'm talking to myself.
A monologue, no exchanged words
I'm giving up.

Save your breath
You've run out of time.
I was never worth yours
And you were never worth mine.

I thought I knew you.

No one will need to dig your grave.
You're already lower than dirt anyway.
Track Name: Outrun The Storm
So just turn your head
And look away
Numb the pain
Like always

Eye to eye
Face to face
You let your fears
Reduce you to waste

It is lurking
In the mist,
You know it well
But you clench your fists.

And bite your tongue
At every chance
No second thought
No second guess

I can see the cold from your shoulders.
Sending chills, down your spine.
You can wear a mask and pretend
That you're leaving it all behind.

You can try to hide
And try to outrun the storm
But when will you learn?
That you can't run forever.

Turn a blind eye.
Is that who you are?
Stand up, reclaim.
Take back what's yours.

Surround yourself within these walls
And act like you can't be touched.
A catalyst for your own shortcomings.
And all you'll have to do is watch.

You have always
Tried to escape
Will you make this change?
Or will you stay the same?

With every challenge
Comes a question of integrity
I stand by my morals,
And I won't let my fears get the best of me.

You can try to hide
And try to outrun the storm
(You have the strength.
To break the chains.)

But when will you learn?
That you can't run forever.
(You have the strength.
To break the chains.)

You have the strength,
To break these chains.
Track Name: Reflect
They say this generation
Is indoctrinated in ignorance
Blinded by their mislead views
Of social acceptance

I dwell within this crowd
And I'm growing weary of their ways
Placing weights on progress
And slowing down the pace

In a world
Of progress
Making strides
But I digress

We're losing speed
We're out of time
Momentum is not on our side

Oh how prosperous we used to be
We swam with the current, but drowned in the sea.
Of our own gluttonous, self-centered ways
You say you want change, but you're all the fucking same.

You say you want to make a difference
You say you to make a stand
So don't wait for something
To fall into the palm of your hand

I refuse to live care free,
Ignore all the wars waged
I create ripples in these waters
And that won't ever change.